Service & Repairs

 We believe in the motto “service what you sell” and we do just that.

We have an area dedicated strictly to service and repair, and repair techs that have been at this for years.

We offer not only competent service, but can also get things done in as little as 24 hours if need be.

(Occasionally – and in a true emergency – we might even be able to do the repair/service while you wait.)

Wilson Diving Service Guarantee

We guarantee all replaced parts to be free of defects for one year from the date of service. If for any reason the item does not perform to the satisfaction of the owner, Wilson Diving will readjust or service the item again at no charge for a period of 60 days from the date of service.

Equipment Rental Rates

Tanks Filled$10.00(Paint ballers welcome!) We can fill Scott and MSA firefighting bottles.
Air Fill Card (12 Fills)$100.00Get 10 fills +2 FREE
Nitrox Fills (up to 40%)$18.00Please allow 24 hours to complete.
Nitrox Fill Card (12 fills up to 40%)$180.00Get 10 Fills +2 FREE
Nitrox Fill Above 40%$22.00No Nitrox Fill Card available for fills above 40%.
Visual Plus Inspection$29.00(Includes air fill) Any tank, any size! VIS PLUS while you wait, $35.00.
Hydrostatic Testing (starting)$50.00Includes Hydro/Vis/Fill
Tank Tumble$38.00
Tank Valve Rebuild (incl. parts)$59.99Change out your old J valve for a new K valve, only $99.99
O2 Clean Nitrox (starting)$45.00(Tank or Regulator) Includes Nitrox stickers for tanks.
Regulator Service$89.00Plus parts if not under warranty by manufacturer. First & Second stage only; alternate air additional charge.
Alternate Air Source$29.00
Bench Check (Regulator)$49.00Reg is tested at 3000psi, 1500psi, and 500psi with a report on the intermediate pressure and inhalation and exhalation resistances noted and checked for leaks.
BCD Repair & Service (Starting)$40.00All major brands.
Dry Suit RepairsCall for estimates.
Dry Suit Leak Test$60.00